WW archive > Issue 650 - 23 November 2006

SWP 'no platform' fiasco

Last weekend's grandly named People's Assembly saw the Socialist Workers Party adopt a highly contradictory position on the crucial question of defence of democratic rights, including the right to free speech. Peter Manson reports


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A vital task

After the launch of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, and the CPGB decision to redraft its Draft programme, Nick Rogers identifies possible weaknesses in the current version

Our republic

For too long the left has dismissed minimum-maximum programmes. Jack Conrad argues that as well as shortcomings, gaps and faults there is much that can positively be learnt from them

No bans on christian fundamentalists

James Turley reports on the bureaucratic attempt to ban Exeter university's christian student society

Sex and the human revolution

Socialist Worker has begun a series of articles by Sally Campbell. They purport to explain the origins of women's oppression. However, there exists an obvious lacuna in her account. If women became unfree, when and how did they become free? Camilla Power of the Radical Anthropology Group insists that sex played a big role in the human revolution - a taboo subject for the SWP

Dither Thornett?

Divisions are opening up in the ranks of the International Socialist Group/Socialist Resistance over its relationship with Respect, says Cameron Richards

Money for old rope

The elevation of Communist Party of Britain chair Anita Halpin into the media spotlight over the last couple of weeks has been one of the more unlikely stories of the political year. Lawrence Parker reports

Difficult but refreshing alternative

Joe Craig of the Irish group, Socialist Democracy, welcomes the formation of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, but wonders whether he might have misunderstood the politics of the CPGB

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