WW archive > Issue 649 - 16 November 2006

Many questions, no answers

Last weekend saw the SWP attempt to win union militants to Respect. Alan Stevens reports on the Organising for Fighting Unions conference


Madness; No policies?; Don’t vote Labour; No to globalism; Open Zionist; Pogrom; Emboldened BNP; Degenerate; Distorted; Positive

PCSU left split

Lee Rock, national secretary of the PCSU Socialist Caucus, explains the split in the Left Unity group

What happens next?

Public and Commercial Services Union militant Tony Wood gives his view of the conference

Programmatic masks and transitional fleas

Is Leon Trotsky's Transitional programme the last word when it comes to the Marxist programme? Or does it represent regression in Marxist terms? Jack Conrad argues against Trotskyite economism

Another Marxism is possible

Richard Price responds to Mike Macnair's critique of 100 years of Labour

BNP acquittal heralds fresh attack on rights

Communists reject giving the state more powers to restrict free speech, says Jim Moody

Absolutely insane

Simon Wells reviews Helen Caldicott's book Nuclear power is not the answer, New Press, 2006, pp221, £13.99

Breakaway deeply divided from birth

Peter Manson reports on the uneasy alliances within Tommy Sheridan's new party Solidarity

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