WW archive > Issue 647 - 02 November 2006

Climate change and the necessity of communism

No to market solutions. Jack Conrad explains why capitalism is the problem


Split shift; Sex work; Switch off; War path; SSP Marxists; History may judge; Morality tale; Red roots; ‘Official’ enquiry; CPGB Anschluss?

Marxist party - an illusion

In the absence of a world revolutionary party, a national communist party could only be a capitulation to British nationalism, argues Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Secular schools, not religious indoctrination

Communists fight for the equality of believers and non-believers, says Jim Moody

Marxist party - now or never

Mike Macnair writes on this weekend's launch conference of the 'Campaign for a new Marxist party'

No choice for most

November 7 sees the United States mid-term elections. David Walters reports from San Francisco

Behind the red flag

Lawrence Parker takes a closer look at the artist Ken Loach

Fiddling while planet Earth burns

Simon Wells reviews George Monbiot's Heat: how to stop the planet burning Penguin, 2006, pp276, £17.99

Go home and write to your MP

The October 29 student demonstration against the further marketisation of higher education was uninspired and timid. Ben Lewis and Dave Isaacson report

Change and climate inseparable

Development needed

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