No nonsense

Our campaign to raise £30,000 is off to a flying start

In the first seven days of the campaign, we have already received just under £3,210 towards our £30k minimum, with a number of comrades taking large chunks out of their individual targets. In particular, thanks go out to comrade PK, who has stumped up £700 - courtesy of a nicely timed rebate from the taxman. In addition, comrades MJ and MM have produced a sturdy £200 and £140 respectively, comrade AM has pushed her standing order contributions to the party up to £300 a month for the duration, comrade AD has given us £100 and PM £200, a no-nonsense start to his push for £1,000 by the end of July.

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Ever-decreasing circles

The Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain held its biennial congress over the weekend of June 2-4 at its Croydon headquarters. Lawrence Parker reports that behind the diplomatically coded language and show of unity, the factional war between 'traditionalists' and 'innovators' is rumbling on

Wrong 'new layers'

Dave Isaacson reports on the Leeds launch of the Campaign for a new Workers' Party

Fight on two fronts

On the eve of the Stop the War Coalition annual conference on June 10, Mark Fischer spoke to Mehdi Kia of Iran Bulletin/Middle East Forum about the tasks of the anti-war movement in this country. Does our opposition to imperialist threats against Iran mean we must suspend criticism of the monstrous theocratic regime that oppresses the country?

Defend SSP's Alan McCombes

Earlier this week the Scottish Socialist Party's press and policy coordinator Alan McCombes was found guilty of contempt and fined £500. But he will have to pay costs of around £45,000 in total

Changing solutions

Tony Stevens says broadness for its own sake will achieve nothing, as the June 3 Campaign against Climate Change conference showed

On your bike

Phil Kent criticises the limitations of greenism

Martin Smith's 'appeal' fiasco

Comrade Simon was expelled from the Socialist Workers Party in a completely arbitrary manner. He was simply informed by telephone by national organiser Martin Smith: 'You're out of the party'

No nonsense

Our campaign to raise £30,000 is off to a flying start

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