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'Marxists' for another Labour Party

The March 19 launch of the Socialist Party's Campaign for a New Workers' Party went according to plan, writes Peter Manson. The 450 comrades who signed up to its founding declaration overwhelmingly voted for the SP's plans for a Labour Party mark two.


Life goes on; In the balance; SPGB is right; Hero’s farewell; Thirsty work; Wide of the Marx; Male out; Damned shame; Dreary dogma; Jack does art

A programme for which class?

The fringe meeting organised by the CPGB that followed the Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference gave our comrades and others the opportunity to discuss its politics. Mary Godwin reports

Martin Smith and his telephone expulsion

As the latest case shows, any member who dares to question the Socialist Workers' Party's political trajectory faces expulsion by telephone. Martin Smith's regime is a disgrace and discredits the left in general, writes SW Kenning

No names

Democracy for the millions, not the millionaires

The CNWP must aim for an SSP-type party, writes Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Fight for state power

Students and youth in France are protesting against the government's attempts to impose its 'first employment contract' (CPE) on young workers, which would deprive them of employment rights for the first two years. Emile Fabrol of the communist journal La Lettre de Prométhée looks at the situation thrown up by the current mass protests.

You're out, comrade X!

Yes to merger

Claus Ludwig is a member of the Wahlalternative Arbeit und Soziale Gerechtigkeit (WASG) and the Sozialistische Alternative (SAV) - the German sister party of the Socialist Party in England and Wales. In 2002, he was elected as a councillor in Cologne. He spoke to Tina Becker about the difficulties in uniting the WASG and the Linkspartei.PDS

New Labour sleaze merchants

Capitalism inevitably means corruption, says Eddie Ford

Political strategy needed

The National Union of Students holds its three-day annual conference starting on Tuesday March 28. Dave Isaacson, a delegate from Leeds Metropolitan University student union, looks at the left, NUS and student politics

My enemy's enemy

Alan Stevens reviews George Galloway's new pamphlet 'Target Iran' - and is not impressed by its one-sidedness

Wrong thoughts

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