WW archive > Issue 597 - 20 October 2005

CPGB not wanted

Some SWP members in Sheffield now genuinely seem to oppose the position they held regarding immigration controls only a couple of years ago. It looks like theory has finally caught up with rotten practice, says Lee Rock

'Is Respect communistic?'

Anne Mc Shane reports from Respect Hackney's pre-conference meeting, which again highlighted the Socialist Workers' Party's impossible mission to ride two horses at the same time

Stop press

The Socialist Workers Party is again trying to run from debate by not accepting our motions to Respect conference

No to pensions sell-out

Trade union bureaucrats have sacrificed future workers in their 'deal' with the government. Workers must fight back, says Peter Manson

Like sending money to George Bush

SWP members in Respect are involved in collecting money for the bourgeois religious charity, Islamic Relief. But socialists should be supporting left and democratic organisations in Pakistan, who are not only struggling in the aftermath of an earthquake, but are also engaged in a battle against general Musharraf's military dictatorship, says Tina Becker

Rehabilitation, not revenge

By any rational, humane and social standard, prison does not work. Self-evidently, the UK criminal justice system is itself criminal. Eddie Ford comments on the decision to give prisoners the right to vote

Fair trade or Marxism?

Alec Long reviews Derek Wall's book Babylon and beyond: the economics of anti-capitalist, anti-globalist and radical green movements Pluto Press, pp220, £14.99

Legalise all drugs

Carey Davies comments on the 'drugs scandal' surrounding Tory leadership hopeful David Cameron

Going back to Marx

Derek Wall, a member of the Green Party for over 25 years, is the author of a new book, Babylon and beyond. He describes himself as an "eco-socialist" influenced by Marxism and is currently standing for election to the executive of the Green Party. He spoke to Mark Fischer about his vision of socialism and the state of the Marxist left

Not controversial?

Michelle Euston reports from Respect Walthamstow's pre-conference meeting, where a number of non-SWP members supported the CPGB's motion

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