WW archive > Issue 575 - 05 May 2005

Back to basics

The Sunday Times exposé of the state of George Galloway's marriage should be treated with contempt. But there are lessons for us to learn, argues Tina Becker

Keeping it real

Lawrence Parker confesses to being a fan of the BBC2 show The Apprentice

Towards a socialist pensions policy

According to bourgeois economists, demographic changes mean that the state is no longer able to fund adequate pensions, and so workers must make their own arrangements for the future. Nick Rogers looks at the truth behind the myths

A question of class

Ben Lewis has a closer look at some of the Muslim candidates standing for Respect

Split the difference

"This is obviously going to be a great night and a great week." No, not a crowing Tony Blair, but Michael Howard's rather optimistic prediction of the Tories' general election performance. As I write, however, I am pretty confident Howard will be sorely disappointed, with Labour securing a historically unprecedented third term

Secrets and lies

Mike Macnair looks at Lord Goldsmith's legal advice and the role the working class should play in challenging the British constitutional monarchy

Behind the betrayal

Former Sinn Féin member Philip Ferguson recalls and analyses the organisation's move to the right - and points a finger at the British left

Rising from the grave

Peter Manson takes a look at Arthur Scargill's Socialist Labour Party and other small left organisations at election time

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