WW archive > Issue 569 - 24 March 2005

Drawing a class line between candidates

Should communists urge a vote for Respect in the general election? Only when the individual candidates can be broadly regarded as part of the working class movement, argues Peter Manson

Hot air and lots of spin

Neither numbers nor politics

Tactical retreat on pensions

Stench of bigotry and intolerance

Left gives Blair helping hand

Towards a republican socialist alliance

The Socialist Alliance is an organisation that refuses to die, says Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group. Rasputin-like, it was first poisoned, then stabbed three times and finally shot - repeatedly. On February 5 the SWP pronounced the last rites and the corpse was buried. But, just when you think it is all over, the coffin lid is thrown open and out climbs another Socialist Alliance. Easter Sunday is therefore time to celebrate the resurrection of a basic idea - socialists must work together in alliance for common aims which further the interests of the working class

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