WW archive > Issue 568 - 17 March 2005

Which way forward?

For republicanism and Marxism

Respect silent on abortion onslaught

Abortion has once again become an extremely sensitive and controversial question - and a central issue in the forthcoming general election. Yet so far, reports Anne Mc Shane, Respect has nothing to say on the matter.

Facts, figures and factions

Drawing the class line

Popular fronts and why our principles matter

Betraying socialism

Rifondazione Comunista used to be regarded as something of a model by sections of the disoriented left. It was one of those parties of 'recomposition' - others were the Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany, the Left Bloc in Portugal and the Scottish Socialist Party. In reality Rifondazione is a centrist political formation which, after dabbling in movementism over the last few years, has just opted to join Romano Prodi's Olive Tree coalition and (assuming victory in the 2006 general election) will follow him into government. This is an act of class treachery. Rifondazione will be used by Prodi to defuse popular anger. It will be used to control the working class in the interests of capital. Tina Becker spoke to Franco Russo (pictured below), a member of the national committee of Rifondazione Comunista, about this shameful decision

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