WW archive > Issue 556 - 09 December 2004


No conductor; Bilge; German slander; Identikit; One party; No thinkers; Show the way

Iraq workers' conference

Statement of Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq

Private lives should be private

Phantoms and anti-war candidates

US decline and the drive to war

Nick Rogers examines a number of theoretical questions arising from the Iraq war. In the first part of his article he looks at the role of inter-imperialist rivalries and the securing of oil in US neo-conservative strategic thinking

Why we're backing Jon Rogers for president

This article was published in the November issue of Labour Left Briefing

Weapon of class war

George Galloway and Tommy Sheridan are, in their different ways, the latest victims of ruling class attempts to set up, undermine and destroy leading leftwing or progressive politicians. Ever since the working class got organised and started to pose a real threat to the current order, the 'dark forces' of the bourgeoisie have hit back - with forged 'evidence', sex scandals, accusations of espionage and worse. Tina Becker looks back over the history of scandal used as a weapon

Galloway and libel

Galloway reveals SWP's hand in Scotland

Peter Manson examines the latest developments in Scotland and the growing tensions between the SWP and SSP

Keep off our turf

Letter to Respect national council from Tommy Sheridan and SSP national secretary Allan Green dated December 7

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