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Socialist or welfare state party?

Over the weekend of November 20-21, the first national delegate conference of the German left alliance, Wahlalternative Arbeit und soziale Gerechtigkeit, decided unanimously to begin the process of setting up a party. However, there is rather less unity over what kind of party it should become and how democratic its internal structures will be. Tina Becker reports from Nuremberg

Foxhunting is a class issue

Mutiny stirs against east London potentates

In the run-up to the SWP's November 27-28 conference, more critical voices are being raised over the nature of the internal regime. But, reports Mark Fischer, these are couched in terms that accept the basic premises of SWP 'wisdom' and are therefore incapable of getting to grips with the problem

The genuine article

Why did the SWP vote down a motion on secularism at last month's Respect conference? Peter Manson debunks some false definitions and explains why a secular approach is essential in our engagement with religious believers

Bring back Tommy

The Weekly Worker has argued that the executive of the Scottish Socialist Party has succumbed to "presbyterian moralism" in forcing Tommy Sheridan to resign following 'revelations' about his sex life. SSP member Tom Delargy believes there is more to it than that

Promote this secularism

Anas Altikriti of the Muslim Association of Britain was a Respect candidate for Yorkshire and Humberside in the June 10 EU elections. He spoke to Peter Manson

"For a socialist party"

Joachim Bischoff was for many years one of the few West German members of the national executive of the Party of Democratic Socialism, but left the party at the beginning of the year to help set up the WASG. he was elected onto the executive.

Of the left, not far left

Klaus Ernst (right), pictured with Thomas Händel, spoke to the Weekly Worker

"The membership decides"

Christine Lehnert is a member of the Sozialistische Alternative (SAV), the German section of the Socialist Party's Committee for a new International (CWI). Like the Socialist Workers Party's German section Linksruck, the SAV had a handful of delegates at conference. Christine was delegated by the WASG Rostock in East Germany and stood as a candidate for the new executive, but was not elected

Get well, Leanne, but sod off

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