WW archive > Issue 545 - 23 September 2004


Mugabe and ISO; imperialism; Free Trade; Marx's failure; Numbers game; Price rise; It can't hurt; Ray's legacy; Patronising Bull; eMurkey Waters; Living wage

Drawing together the threads

The 'Call of the Assembly of Social Movements' will be discussed and finalised during the October 15-17 European Social Forum in London. The Assembly of Social Movements has, reports Tina Becker, increasingly taken on a life of its own

Left populism and its discontents

Tensions are growing in the Socialist Workers Party - of course, it is all carefully hidden away from the organisation's rank and file. SW Kenning reports

Partners in crime

In his regular column 'Labour Left View' Graham Bash this week discusses the forthcoming Labour Party conference

No to state bans

The increased electoral success of the British National Party has been met with threats by the home office to bar members of the BNP from being employed as civil servants. But, reports Tina Becker, the recent federal elections in Germany show that a campaign to illegitimatise and even ban the rightwing Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands has backfired badly - the NPD for the first time in decades now has representation in a state parliament

Aslef: Reclaim the union

Ahead of the latest Aslef conference, Dean Hooper reports on the damaging factional infighting

Dishonest attempt to derail pro-choice initiative

Both the Socialist Workers Party and Socialist Action are trying to stop a new pro-abortion campaign from even being launched, warns Anne McShane

Needed: a party of the left

John Bloom is the Respect candidate for the Hartlepool parliamentary by-election on September 30. He spoke to Peter Manson

Abortion aberration

At a Respect meeting in Teeside, candidate John Bloom predicted that "one day people will come to regard abortion as a holocaust". Steve Cooke reports.

Revolt of reactionaries

Eddie Ford reports on the protests against the ban on foxhunting and argues that we should take back the countryside from the capitalist farmers and aristos

Aslef: Reclaim the union

Ahead of the latest Aslef conference, Dean Hooper reports on the damaging factional infighting

Imperialism and method

Mike Macnair takes up the debate: he takes a closer look at Lenin's and Bukharin's methods and responds to the AWL's Paul Hampton

Stopping short

Phil Hamilton takes a look at the website of the Green Party of the USA

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Martin Schreader looks at the impact of the economy on the US elections

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