WW archive > Issue 488 - 10 July 2003


Loach award; Galloway; Distortions; Leftist stalking; Sectarianism; Party v workers; Petty theory; Racist state; Not changed; Middle class; Stalinist banditry

New left majority

John McDonnell MP chaired the Congress House conference. He spoke to Mark Fischer

'Save our party' conference: exciting developments

Mark Fischer spoke to Alan Simpson MP just before he rushed off to another meeting

Marxism 2003: What kind of 'new left'?

James Bull attended the 'Revolutionaries and the left' session at Marxism 2003

Valuable but flawed

Kit Robinson reviews Alex Callinicos' 'An anti-capitalist manifesto', Polity, 2003, pp180,£13.99

Marxism 2003: Magical mystery tour

Manny Neira attended the 'Marxism 2003' session on 'What is the alternative to New Labour', addressed by John Rees and rebel Labour MP George Galloway

A different order

Maria Exall is a member of Communication Workers Union national executive committee and a supporter of Solidarity, paper of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty

'Save our party' conference: Labour left gains in confidence

On July 5 the Labour left came together for a well attended conference called by the Socialist Campaign Group. Mark Fischer reports

'Save our party' conference: concrete action required

Graham Bash is on the editorial board of Labour Left Briefing

Around the web: Online derailment

Phil Hamilton continues his journey around the web with a visit to the website of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union

Apolitical abuse or political polemics

Ian Donovan responds to recent attacks from the Alliance for Workers' Liberty and its supporters

Marxism 2003: SWP watershed

This year's 'Marxism' has seen the Socialist Workers Party in ebullient mood. Ian Mahoney wonders why they are celebrating

No compromise on sexism and homophobia

Is the SWP facing its 'Clause 4' moment? asks Jack Conrad

Marxism 2003 - Rees lays it on the line

John Rees's opening remarks

Price of democracy

Manny Neira responds to the witch-hunt against Manchester City councillor, Liaqat Ali

Marxism 2003 - Shared future?

Peter Manson witnessed the Lindsey German-Andrew Murray-George Galloway love-in

Where now for rail union?

Alan Stevens points to a 'pick 'n' mix' attitude to politics from the new trade union 'awkward squad'

The fight for party and May 3

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group identifies two camps in the workers' movement

Marxism 2003 - the fringe

This year saw the second Marxism fringe event with discussion on the Socialist Alliance and islam. Alan Fox reports

'Save our party' conference: Galloway solidarity

The 'Save our party' conference gave a standing ovation to witch-hunted Labour MP George Galloway

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