'Save our party' conference: Galloway solidarity

The 'Save our party' conference gave a standing ovation to witch-hunted Labour MP George Galloway

Conference gave a standing ovation to witch-hunted Labour MP George Galloway. The comrade’s eloquent and inspiring speech perhaps reflected a reaction to the more bullish political mood on the left of the party since he addressed the Labour Against the War conference in March. Then he raised the question, “Are there enough of us left inside the party? Have most of us already gone? … is there enough democratic space left in the party to reclaim it?”

Now Galloway concentrates his fire on the hypocrisy of Blair’s gang and their attacks on him and their contemptible role in the war. He told us that, had he known the Labour leadership were listening to an obscure Arab TV station, he might have thought twice about comparing Bush and Blair to wolves: “No wolf would ever have inflicted the savagery on the innocent and virtually defenceless people of Iraq … This New Labour government … is bringing the Labour Party into disrepute,” he said to thunderous applause.