WW archive > Issue 472 - 20 March 2003

Leading the way

Stand up and be counted


Dalia and Soraya came up from Ravensbourne school in Bromley, Kent

Students organise

Promising start made

Around the web: Scottish Socialist Youth

Firefighters defy war fever

FBU delegates overturn leadership deal

Move into action

Breaking free

Joey and Sophie go to Prendergast school, Lewisham

What democracy looks like

Giving it a go

On Friday March 7 several hundred school students walked out of Blatchington Mill school in Hove, Sussex, in an anti-war protest. Five were suspended for two months - they can only return for their GCSE exams. The Weekly Worker spoke to two of them

Making a difference

Evan and Cat are from Chesham in South Bucks

Against war, for democracy

It is not enough to point to the absence of popular democratic control, argues Kit Robinson. The working class and anti-war movement needs a positive programme

Organise people's assemblies

Youth referendum

Get involved!

ISO Zimbabwe appeal

Following his expulsion from the Movement for Democratic Change and ejection from the Zimbabwe parliament, International Socialist Organisation leader Munyaradzi Gwisai (pictured) is contesting the subsequent by-election in his Highfield, Harare constituency. Comrade Gwisai was expelled for publicly opposing the rightwing policies of the MDC, which was set up in 1999 by trade unionists following the militant working class struggles of that year, but came increasingly under the control of business, farming and pro-imperialist interests. He was expelled from parliament under the terms of the anti-defection clause of the constitution, introduced by Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF in 1996. The ISO - fraternal organisation of the Socialist Workers Party in England and Wales - has issued this call for financial support

Ready for Day X

Direct action call

Alarm bells ring for Palestine

There will be consequences

Nabs is 16 and from a school in north London

Warmongers sabotaged

Youth on the move

Barometer of struggle

School students are taking the lead in the struggle against the war. School strikes are breaking out everywhere - London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Liverpool. Mark Fischer reports on the March 19 protest outside parliament


What to do

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