Making a difference

Evan and Cat are from Chesham in South Bucks

Evan: I've always taken an anti-war stance and I really felt it was necessary to be here today. I've had a lot of people say to me that it's too late to stop this war, but it's never too late. There are thousands and thousands of individuals who want to make a difference - when they unite as one, they are going to make a difference. Cat: The fact that we are going to bomb thousands of innocent civilians - children or adults "¦ they are the same as us. We are going to make them suffer not just tomorrow, or for some weeks, but for years to come. No one deserves that. The fact that there's no second resolution from the UN is just a shedding of democracy. The US and Britain have a total contempt for democracy. Evan: The fact that Tony Blair could have used the royal prerogative shows the same contempt. Clearly, the majority of people are against this war - and the royal prerogative would give him a loophole to go round parliament if he needed it. If this country were truly democratic, they would hold a referendum on such a huge issue. Cat: MPs are meant to be in parliament to represent the entire population, and the demonstrations we have seen around the country just underline that they are not - not just people who vote: kids too! Obvious Dalia and Soraya came up from Ravensbourne school in Bromley, Kent Dalia: We're here to stop the war. This country is turning into a dictatorship just as much as Iraq is. Two million people marched and the government still won't listen. Soraya: They are not thinking of the consequence of the war at all. They're only think of the benefit they are going to get from it. They want the oil - it's obvious. Dalia: The oil is a big factor in this war. They are not thinking of what the people want, which is what the government is meant to do. Soraya: Tony Blair needs to have his own opinions, not just follow Bush. Dalia: We need an organisation of our own. We are the adults of the future and what is being done will affect our lives. We need to have a say, now.