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Tactical tangle; Charming the SWP?; Campaigning unions; Violent objection; No to Spain

SWP scores pyrrhic victory

Peter Manson gives his impressions of the Socialist Alliance's December 1 conference

Overhyped The following statement was issued by the Socialist Alliance on Monday December 3

Huge success for conference

Banning papers and culture

Our history CPGB mobilises unemployed

The boom following World War I was short-lived. In the 12 months from September 1920 un­employment in Britain rose from 250,000 to two million. Soon after its foundation the Communist Party of Great Britain instructed members to participate in and lead the struggles of the unemployed. In October 1920 the party's weekly paper carried an account of the fruits of this work in Coventry. 'Full maintenance at trade union rates of wages' was the main demand advanced by communists. This was taken up in the form of marches by the unemployed to local boards of guardians who were responsible for providing poor law relief to the unemployed. Often the marches would end with an occupation of the board offices until extra money was forthcoming. In 1921 the Party was instrumental in forming the National Unemployed Workers' Committee Movement, a body which organised the unem­ployed throughout the United Kingdom in the years between the wars, years char­acterised by permanent high levels of unemployment.

Socialist Party splits from SA

Party notes

An unofficial paper

Pro-party and pro-paper

Non-aligned members unite

CPGB school

Opposing reaction and war

Typical Loach

Ken Loach - The Navigators - 110mins, limited release

Bonn stitch-up

Obituary: Ray Gibbon 1929-2001

For the underdog

John Maclean and left nationalism

Voice for Afghan women

Irish SA closed down

The fight for left unity in Ireland

SSP's Socialism 2001

Bigger and better

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