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Higher priorities; Backing fundamentalism; SWP takes sides; Democracy and anarchism

Our history Mobilising the unemployed

The boom following World War I was short lived. In the 12 months from September 1920 un?employment in Britain rose from 250,00 to 2 million. Soon after its foundation the Communist Party of Great Britain instructed members to participate in and lead the struggles of the unemployed. The party?s weekly paper carried many accounts of the fruits of this work including these two. In 1921 the Party was instrumental in forming the National Unemployed Workers Committee Movement, a body which organised the unemployed on a national basis in the years between the wars, years characterised by permanent high levels of unemployment.


Class solutions

Rearguard structures and vanguard politics

State, religion and exploitation

Can the state and its bureaucracy function as both an agent of oppression and an agent of exploitation? Highlighting the examples of tsarist Russia and pharonic Egypt Al Richardson discusses the Asiatic mode of production and Marx?s theory

Hackney SA

Hard road to unity

Left nationalists split Network

Terrorist state

Building for November 18

Roots of the Taliban

William Malley (ed) - Fundamentalism reborn? Afghanistan and the Taliban - London 1998, pp253, ?14.95

Free the weed?

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