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Macedonia; Bakunin; Class missing; Confusion

Humourous insight

Mark Steel Reasons to be cheerful Scribner UK ?10, pp277

Comprehensive critique needed

Act of despair

Capital and the invention of race

Adopting a party perspective

Mark Hoskisson of Workers Power addressed last month?s Communist University on the issue of the Socialist Alliance. His remarks reveal both the advances and continued limitations of Workers Power. Nevertheless there obviously exists much common ground with the CPGB. This is an edited version of his comments

Greater Manchester

New stage reached

Intentions and reality

Eddie Ford defends the October revolution from anarchist attacks

Left set to unite

October 13 conference to launch Unison United Left

Our history Hodgson on affiliation

On August 1 1920, the second day of the Communist Unity Convention, it was agreed to establish a Provisional Executive Committee. This was done by adding to the existing Joint Provisional Committee six members directly elected from the convention. After this and sending ?warmest greetings? to the 2nd Congress of the Communist International, business turned to relations between the new Communist Party and the Labour Party. Where the vote for using parliament as a platform for revolutionary propaganda had been a foregone conclusion, relations with Labour was a far more controversial issue because it divided the British Socialist Party and the Communist Unity Group, the two main organisations that came together to form the CPGB. Two alternative propositions were put so that there could be no ambiguity: (a) that the Communist Party shall be affiliated to the Labour Party; (b) that the Communist Party shall not be affiliated to the Labour Party. If the convention decided to go into the Labour Party, delegates could then discuss how far we should go in and what we should do when we got there. Proposition A was moved by Provisional Executive Committee member JF Hodgson of Grimsby BSP. The following is an edited version of his speech.

SACP fronts privatisation attacks

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