WW archive > Issue 331 - 13 April 2000


LSA and Scotland; Interesting times; Constructive; AWL fusions; Internationalist; CWI and USA

A parliament for England?

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group calls for the left to lead a campaign for consistent democracy

Internationalist for socialism

Tony Cliff May 20 1917 - April 9 2000

Aggregate debates rapprochement

Changing man

Bernie Grant February 17 1944 - April 8 2000

Double blow for Taaffe

It can now only be a question of time before more splits tear apart what remains of Peter Taaffe's Socialist Party

Fight for what we need

'LSA holds out prospect of all-Britain unity' The CPGB's Anne Murphy is a candidate on the London Socialist Alliance's GLA slate. She spoke to Peter Manson

Rapprochement step

Debating action

Opportunity for PDS left

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