WW archive > Issue 304 - 16 September 1999

Peter Taaffe’s political leprosy

Pat Strong of the Socialist Party demands that the organisation’s leaders come clean on differences over the SWP and left unity


British-Irish; Province of crisis; Abstract?; Legitimate; Proud; Very proud


Party notes

Greater Manchester annual general fiasco

Informer Metcalf’s infantile disorder

Steve Hedley replies to Mark Metcalf (Weekly Worker August 26), who argued that comrade Hedley’s dismissal from the railways could have been prevented, and that he had now “turned his back” on his supporters by accepting a union official’s job with Ucatt

Workers’ assimilation

Direct aid for Turkey

Appeal from Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community Solidarity Centre

Freedom for East Timor - even if imperialism intervenes

Self-determination and Ireland

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group argues against self-determination for the British-Irish

CPGB aggregate: British-Irish divisions


Final snub for Fisc

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Most challenging

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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