WW archive > Issue 281 - 25 March 1999

SWP in crisis

Scargill’s decision to contest the Euro elections has thrown Tony Cliff’s organisation into disarray


Cheap shot; Make or break; SSP opposition; Progressive

Urgent appeal

Party notes

Bull and Fisc still in

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Scottish national socialism and its red prince - part 4

Jack Conrad concludes his reply to Allan Armstrong of the Scottish Socialist Party

Socialist Party split - Merseyside’s view, part 2

The Merseyside Socialists, who recently left or were suspended from the Socialist Party in England and Wales, continue their critique of the leadership

Progress on NW slate

Socialist Alliances

Cold War legacy

Phil Watson reviews 'Formation 60: modern jazz from Eastern Germany - Amiga 1957-69' (Various artists, Jazzanova Compost Records)

Neither the pound nor the euro

European Union

Hands off Kosova and Serbia

Independence for Kosova - imperialism out of the Balkans

Network of Socialist Alliances conference

No exclusion of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


Robert Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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