WW archive > Issue 276 - 18 February 1999

‘Red’ Ken shadow boxing with Blair

Left needs its own candidate for London mayor


Bitter truth; Unbiased; Lost touch ; Free Mumia

Call for enquiry

Party notes

Long journey’s end

Irish liquidators liquidate

‘Union’ Jack and defence of the ‘British nation’ - part 1

Allan Armstrong of the Red Republican faction of the SSP replies to ‘Unenlightened Myths’ (Weekly Worker November 19 1998)

Socialist Alliance: Meeting the challenge

Michael Malkin reports on the latest developments in London

All-Britain alliance

Tom Delargy of the Scottish Socialist Party, discusses some of the issues and differences that are beginning to emerge and outlines his views on left unity

Scargill changes tack

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Euroland and internationalism

Around the left


Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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