WW archive > Issue 271 - 14 January 1999

Vote Socialist Unity

Left organisations in the North Defoe ward in Hackney have united under the banner of Socialist Unity in a by-election battle. Voting is on January 21. As well as individual revolutionaries, this bloc comprises the Hackney branches of the Socialist Labour Party, Communist Party of Great Britain, the Socialist Alliance, the Socialist Workers Party and Turkish and Kurdish organisations. The unity candidate is Anne Murphy of the Communist Party and Hackney SA, who gives us this report


Petty bourgeois?; Pointless game; Defend Mumia; Fascist march

United Socialists edge forward

Livingstone for mayor?

Party notes

Not to bring peace

Scargill goes public

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Report from NEC

Part of document circulated to SLP membership

Tendency debates Bull

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group argues that SLP members should demand action against Socialist Labour’s vice-president

After the USSR: Impossible utopia

Hillel Ticktin addressed the CPGB’s Communist University ’98 on market socialism

Network must choose

London Socialist Alliance shows the way ahead

Low again

Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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