WW archive > Issue 269 - 17 December 1998

New strategy for Ireland

The IRA refusal to hand over arms does not mean the failure of the peace process


Religious sect?; Stalin only choice; Left nationalist; Brazen lie

Hands off Iraq!

Perspectives ’99

Party notes

Raise our demands

Minimum wage

Workers’ millennium?

Around the left

Socialist challenge

Debating the USSR: New opportunity for advance

Sean Matgamna of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty addressed the CPGB’s Communist University ’98 on his understanding of the Soviet Union, and the possibilities for communists since its demise

Fiddling with the constitution

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group lambastes the United Socialists’ economism

United Socialists

Euro-election platform

Jesus: from Jewish apocalyptic revolutionary to imperial god

Jack Conrad describes how an ideology of the oppressed became the ideology of the oppressors

Petty bourgeois idealism

Phil Sharpe asks whether the views of Roy Bull - vice president of the SLP - are scientific

Third way to nowhere

Maurice Bernal reviews ‘The third way: the renewal of social democracy’ (Polity Press, 1998, pp166) by A Giddens, a work which some have claimed provides the theoretical underpinning for Blairism.

Philosophy, history and biology: Towards a critique of science

Danny Hammill reviews ‘Lifelines: biology, freedom, determinism’ by Steven Rose (Penguin 1998, pp334, £8.99)

Cyberspace revolution

Steve Riley argues that communists should make full use of the internet, and reviews two invaluable websites

Scargill holds fire

Simon Harvey of the SLP

United front

RDCT resolution

Agreed at the December aggregate of the Revolutionary Democratic Communist Tendency


Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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