WW archive > Issue 232 - 19 March 1998

Cracks appear in ‘Cool Britannia’

The love-in with New Labour has turned sour - and angry


Petty politics; In defence; Plain daft; At any price

Good morning, judge

Party notes

A double anniversary

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, March 14 1918

Crackdown in Kosovo

When Robert Griffths was anti-British road

Here we reprint edited extracts from an important document published in The Leninist (March 20 1987), the forerunner of the Weekly Worker.

Haylett appeal stalemate

Morning Star strike

Solidarity greetings

NUJ Morning Star Chapel

Pawn in Star wars

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Rosser’s dealing with Scargill exposed

Scargill’s secret March 3 letter to NUJ general secretary John Foster blows the gaff on Mary Rosser and the Morning Star management

SACP holds the line

Senior ANC officials implicated in corruption and gun-running

Make a difference

Katrina Haynes reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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