WW archive > Issue 185 - 03 April 1997

Communist election manifesto launched

As Blair turns on the unions the CPGB launches its election fight for what workers need


Penal dustbins; Another Lenin; Welcome re-evaluation; Bureaucratic LRCI

Socialist campaign launched in Dundee

Significant silences

Party notes

Voided SLP branches step up campaigns

‘Appeal to all Socialist Labour Party members’

Re: Disbanding of Vauxhall CSLP

Celebrating our struggles

Still voting Labour

From sop parliament to republic?

Anne Murphy interviewed Sean Clerkin, Scottish Socialist Alliance candidate in Paisley South about the campaign against the cuts there and his views on the national question

Tribune of the people

Revolutionary candidates: Saklatvala

Wishing rebellion red

Limitations of spontaneity

Julian Alford reviews Caliban’s freedom - the early political thought of CLR James by Anthony Bogues (Pluto Press, pp224)

The Russian Revolution

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, March 29 1917

Republicanism or the right to secede?

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group (faction of the SWP) argues that a boycott campaign must unite republicans

Scottish Militant Labour: from Labour to SNP?

Having broken with Labour does SML now want to find a home as the left wing of Scottish nationalism?

INSERT: Communist Manifesto

General election '97

Fighting fund

Linda Addison reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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