Fighting fund

Linda Addison reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

The political situation in Scotland is a dynamic and exciting one. The Scottish Socialist Alliance - with Scottish Militant Labour at its core - offers our Party an important arena in which to fight for its politics. In the aftermath of the next general election, the fight for a boycott of the referendum on Labour’s limp proposals for a toothless Scottish parliament will provide our politics with a cutting edge.

As comrades will have read in previous issues of the paper we are in the process of solidifying our work in Scotland, including assigning a leading comrade from centre to work there in the coming period.

We are therefore issuing the call to all readers to support the work in Scotland. We need to substantially refurbish our office there, to produce a wide range of publicity materials. We need both your time and money urgently. Rush cheques in now and let us know if you can help in the election campaign in Scotland or in England.

Linda Addison