WW archive > Issue 160 - 26 September 1996

Dockers need solidarity at home

International solidarity has been the cutting edge of the Liverpool dockers dispute. But, as we demonstrate a year on from the sackings, the task must be to win the whole of the class in Britain to the struggle against attacks on our future


Voluntary fetish; Overtly negative tone; Long way off; Awful long way off; Theoretical chatter

Need for organisation

Lee-Anne Bates spoke to Jimmy Nolan, one of the leaders of the Liverpool dockers, about his reasons for joining the SLP

ISG collapse

Party notes

Class War calls a halt

Chronicle of corruption

Our own agenda


SL Kenning looks at latest developments in the Socialist Labour Party

Left opposes SLP witch hunt

Press release

Stuck in the past

Around the left

European alarm call

Predictable divisions

Five communists’ message

From the Workers’ Weekly, paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, September 24 1926

Towards communist rapprochement and a new Communist Party

Communist Party Advocates of Australia analyse the political situation there and their tasks in the struggle to reforge the Party. As part of the international task they discuss how the CPGB and CPA can strengthen that work together

Into Africa - tooth and claw

Radical pioneers

Phil Watson reviews Beat, Rhymes and Life, by A Tribe called Quest (Jive CD)

Arthouse humanity

John Craig reviews Smoke, Directed by Wayne Wang (USA, 1996)

Blairism creates its opposition

Labour's shift to the right opens up tremendous possibilities for the SLP

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