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Mark of the beast

Trying to ‘influence those with the greatest power’ to ‘minimise’ the ‘harmful effects of climate change’ with the ‘utmost speed and resolution’ has proven to be a predictable failure, argues Jack Conrad. Instead of soggy protest politics, we need the politics of power


Working class; Solidarity; Free him; Made a start?; Cheap books

So it’s July 4

Rishi Sunak has gambled on falling inflation, tepid economic growth and Rwanda flights to win this summer’s general election. Carla Roberts says: while the Tories richly deserve to lose, we should do nothing to foster illusions in Sir Keir

Regrets, they’ve had a few

Why has the SWP issued a public statement on its 2013 rape scandal? Paul Demarty looks at the record and searches for answers

Minimal symmetrical errors

One upholds only the maximum programme in elections, the other rejects the maximum programme as ultra-leftist, but neither shows the least understanding of the minimum programme. Mike Macnair replies to Adam Buick and Steve Freeman

Unholy trinity continues to push

Thanks to the US, Nato and the EU, the Ukraine fallout is spreading, writes Daniel Lazare - not least in Georgia and Slovakia

They are all Palestinians

We should invest our hopes in national uprisings, not working class unity and socialism. Tony Greenstein replies to Moshé Machover

Genocide by starvation

Israel’s war cabinet is split over plans for Gaza: military occupation or an international civil administration? Meanwhile, Eddie Ford condemns the ICC for drawing a moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel

Your next president will be

Winning in June depends on who the supreme leader favours. Yassamine Mather also says that being elected president can amount to a poisoned chalice

Blood of the innocents

Sir Brian Langstaff’s Infected Blood Inquiry reveals a disgraceful litany of deceit, delay, neglect and corporate greed, writes Ian Spencer

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