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Marching towards what solution?

Steve Freeman gives a Menshevik twist to the old PLO demand for a single capitalist Palestinian state by making the case for a single capitalist federal republic. The perspective of working class rule and socialism is denounced as ultra-leftism


Sentenced; No substance; State power; Shut Elbit; Min or max?; Local communists; Landlordism

Encamping against genocide

Yassamine Mather reports from the city of dreaming spires and student protest

Continuing the war of lies

Truth is notoriously the first casualty of war. But the onslaught on Gaza requires Israel and its supporters in the main parties, the trade unions and the capitalist media to balance contradictory narratives. We need our own mass media, says Mike Macnair

Israel’s nightmare

Rewritten lyrics, canned applause and media spin could not hide the almost universal revulsion against the pending genocide in Gaza. Paul Demarty looks at the politics behind the songs

Sir Keir’s Tory bigot

Natalie Elphicke is welcomed in. Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott are kept out. Meanwhile, the Corbynista left limps on in 57 insipid varieties, writes Carla Roberts

Toxic red-brown rhetoric

Mass migration is causing political instability across the whole world. Far-right support grows in leaps and bounds and the tailist left eagerly follows. But, asks Daniel Lazare, why are huge numbers of people moving in the first place?

Breaking free of their mindset

Mike Belbin reviews Percival Everett James, Mantle (panmacmillan.com) 2024, pp320, £20

Delusions of a progressive capitalism

Michael Roberts reviews Joseph E Stiglitz The road to freedom: economics and the good society Allen Lane pp384, £25

Rot runs deep

‘Extreme protest groups’, such as Palestine Action and Just Stop Oil, are now under threat of an effective ban. But, writes, Eddie Ford, this is only the thin edge of the wedge

Online Communist Forum, Sunday May 19 5pm

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