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Unqualified free speech

David Miller’s tribunal case is a personal victory that ought to be celebrated. But, argues Mike Macnair, what is needed is a political victory to advance our rights


No revolution?; Tusc and Sparts; Counterrevolution?; Close down Elbit

Tucker in Putinland

A two-hour long interview with Vladimir Putin told us little new about anything, but stands in intriguing contrast to the routine media spin, argues Paul Demarty

Thou shalt not criticise Israel

Socialists in Rochdale should vote for George Galloway on February 29. Not that we should suspend our criticisms, argues Carla Roberts

Coming apart at the seams

With Biden’s senility all too obvious and Trump looking likely to win a second term, Daniel Lazare sees this as part of a long-term shift to the far right

Isabel Schnabel’s last mile

Central bankers are determined to keep interest rates high in an effort to dampen down inflation. But, as Michael Roberts explains, the reason why there has been a spike in inflation is down to supply issues and excessive profits, not excessive demand

Where next for Germany?

Thomas Klikauer paints a picture of ‘democracy’ being saved from neo-Nazism because of AfD’s lack of business, army, bureaucratic and judicial support and the absence of non-state fighting formations. The working class is only seen as an electoral group

World without colonisation

Chris Gray reviews Robbie McVeigh and Bill Rolston Ireland, colonialism and the unfinished revolution Chicago 2023, pp480, £19.99

Continuing the false narrative

Will Moore reviews Tom Barrow (director) 'The miners’ strike 1984 - the battle for Britain' Channel 4

Climate socialism and climate breakdown

Despite global warming, the slowing down of the Amoc system would paradoxically see Britain much colder and wetter. But any solution to the climate crisis, writes Eddie Ford, must lie outside of capitalism

Online Communist Forum, Sunday February 18 5pm

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