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Communists and holy war

While the past should not and cannot be mapped onto the present, Jack Conrad argues that the approach taken by Comintern to the Muslim east contains many useful lessons - if, that is, we retain our critical faculties


Factions; Triviality; Hamas; Come clean; Focus on need

One-trick pony

High end computer chips are now being made elsewhere. Michael Roberts looks at the economic and political background to last weekend’s elections in Taiwan

Stopping Trump juggernaut

Sleepy Joe is driving voters into Republican arms. The more he tries to stop Trump, the stronger Trump gets, argues Daniel Lazare

Police, soldiers and gangs

Once relatively stable, Ecuador has quickly become a failed state, highlighting the criminal failure of the insane ‘war on drugs’, writes Eddie Ford

Justice at a huge price

The Horizon scandal was about faulty software, individual gullibility and corporate indifference, writes Mike Macnair. But the fundamental problem dates back to the 1660s and the selling of legal services to the highest bidder

Is Hamas anti-Semitic?

October 7 was an attack directed against Israelis - not because they were Jews, but because they were occupiers. Tony Greenstein accuses Dan Lazare of being an apologist for Zionism

A drop in the ocean

Houthis are no mere proxies of Iran, argues Yassamine Mather. They have their own political goals and agenda

Grim fate awaits him

Julian Assange’s imminent extradition draws a line under the idea of the internet as an untameable new frontier, argues Paul Demarty

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