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Anti-Semitism and other lies

Accusations against the Palestinian solidarity movement of hating Jews qua Jews are obvious nonsense, says Paul Demarty. Many Jews support the Palestinian cause and are welcomed and cheered


Factions test; No factions; Ultra-leftism; Hate marches?; Discipline him; With Hamas; From the skies; Plugging holes

Aim for deZionisation

Israel is a work colony based on an ideology of blood and soil. Mike Macnair gets to grips with the logic and history of ethnic cleansing and expansionism

Hamas and its backers

Plenty of talk, but precious little action. Gaza offers the opportunity for the Arab masses to rise up and overthrow their own governments, writes Yassamine Mather

America’s neo-Weimar constitution

Outwardly, America still seems like a normal country, so predictions of doom and gloom may seem over the top. But, says Daniel Lazare, the danger of authoritarianism is all too real

Too little, too late

Capitalism is frying the planet. This year will almost certainly be the hottest on record and next year might possibly be even worse, writes Eddie Ford

Sahm recession to downturn

There is a slowdown in productivity and world trade, and increased geopolitical rivalry, So, writes Michael Roberts, don’t expect increased growth

Scooby-Doo Marxism

There was a lot about the enemy being capitalism, but nothing much when it comes to strategy. Scott Evans reports on the SWP’s weekend festival in Glasgow

Success brings challenges

There is a need to struggle against peaceful co-existence between factions, insists Anne McShane - an observer at last weekend’s Marxist Unity Group congress

March of time

There were peaceful multitudes from front to end. Ian Spencer reports on London’s giant demonstration

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