WW archive > Issue 1466 - 09 November 2023

Anatomy of genocide

Targeting of health infrastructure is definite policy. Ian Spencer assesses the terrible human cost of the Israeli assault since October 7


Principled unity; Remarkably wrong; Real terrorists; Ceasefire; Semitic union; Right Jews; Absolute contempt

Wider solution needed

The SWP is championing a single-state Palestine using mistaken comparisons with apartheid South Africa. When it comes to Israel-Palestine, there is no bourgeois democratic solution, writes Eddie Ford

A communist appeal to Socialist Appeal

Going from Fabian clause four socialism to self-declared communism is welcome progress, says Mike Macnair. But what that poses is unity in a Communist Party

A curse on free speech

They want to stop us marching, they want to stop us protesting. The censoriousness of government ministers exposes the limits of free expression under capitalism, argues Paul Demarty

The forgotten war

Ukraine demonstrates how the sun is beginning to set on the US empire, argues Daniel Lazare. And now there is Gaza and the danger of a general conflagration in the Middle East

Towards a vanguard party

Left forces made some real advances and the right is now on the back foot. Joseph Perez of the Marxist Unity Group reflects on the 2023 national convention

A right based on need

Moral outrage against Braverman’s repugnant ‘lifestyle choice’ remarks is justified, but clearly not enough. Kevin Bean makes the case for the political economy of the working class when it comes to housing

Online Communist Forum, Sunday November 12 5pm

Justified confidence

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