WW archive > Issue 1460 - 28 September 2023

Sex, lies and celebrity

Sexual misconduct is inseparable from celebrity culture and the capitalist media apparatus. But, asks Paul Demarty, can Russell Brand ever get a fair trial?


Learn lessons; Reparations; Five phases; Gerry-built; Marxist inability; Dictatorship again

Driving the green wedge

Rishi Sunak’s sudden U-turn is the result of desperation … and a leak, writes Eddie Ford. Meanwhile, yet another authoritative report shows that yet another climate record is in danger of being broken

It’s good to talk

Unwillingness to fight through political differences results in unprincipled splits which cannot be explained and reduces the movement to gravel. Mike Macnair issues a call for debate

Still getting it wrong

Diane Abbott has finally spoken out on Labour’s ‘fraudulent’ disciplinary process. But, asks Carla Roberts, is Sir Keir’s refusing to allow her to stand as a Labour candidate the result of racism?

Give Tusc critical support

Voting Labour will strengthen the hand of Sir Keir and the right. Scott Evans reports on the recall background, the fixes and the candidates standing in the October 5 by-election

Unity and its discontents

Are campaigns calling for unity bound to fall on stony ground? Lawrence Parker takes issue with Mike Macnair on communist rapprochement

Opening up yet another front

Saudi Arabia and the US are looking to repair their strained relationship with a strategic deal which could easily lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, says Daniel Lazare

Foot in mouthery

Every September the United Nations general assembly hosts a get-together of leaders. Yassamine Mather zeroes in on the Iranian president’s embarrassing contribution

Demography is destiny?

Family, home and nation politicians gathered in Budapest to bemoan falling birth rates and rising levels of migration. Kevin Bean stands up for the political economy of the working class

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