WW archive > Issue 1453 - 27 July 2023

A living nightmare

Frequent, intense and deadly wildfires are the inevitable result of record temperatures. But this is not simply down to us humans: the climate crisis is driven by capitalism, writes Eddie Ford


Serious problem; Marx wrong; Conscription; Left errors

Communist University 2023

A week of provocative and stimulating debates: Saturday August 12 to Saturday August 19 (inclusive)

A tale of three by-elections

Kevin Bean of Labour Party Marxists looks at the state of bourgeois politics and the controversy over so-called green policies

Blind leading the blind

With Sir Keir in complete control of Labour, the left faces a crisis of perspectives - a crisis which finds full expression in three recent articles. Whatever the nuances and subtle differences, says Mike Macnair, they all remain trapped in possibilism

Venomous targeting of migrants

Despite suffering something of a setback in Spain, the far right is on the march across Europe. Prime responsibility for this, argues Paul Demarty, lies with the left

Techno-fix delusions

Given the abject failure to deliver on the governmental pledges made in 2015 at Cop 21, there has been an increasing turn to bogus technological solutions, warns Jack Conrad

Year of four trials

Legal case follows legal case. Expect a crack-up even bigger than January 2021, says Daniel Lazare

Meanwhile the economic war

Ending the Black Sea grain corridor has put Erdoğan’s government under intense diplomatic pressure, writes Esen Uslu

Double standards on show

While the morality police are back on patrol, top figures in the regime are renowned for preaching one thing and doing another, writes Yassamine Mather

Online Communist Forum, Sunday July 30 5pm

We can do it

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