WW archive > Issue 1439 - 20 April 2023

Their army and ours

Marxists prefer peace to war, but, as Jack Conrad explains, with us that must go hand-in-hand with making propaganda for the right to bear arms and the establishment of a popular militia


Anathema; Israeli SA; Christian purge; Woman question; Deaf ears; Regression; Rehabilitation; Poland

Cheap shots, great and small

Controversy over Starmer’s attack ads shows up the increasing emptiness of bourgeois political debate, argues Paul Demarty

Strategic dead-end

Humza Yousaf’s leadership is in total disarray; Labour smells blood and is expecting to make big gains. Scott Evans believes we should respond with a culture of openness and pre-emptive socialism

All power to the 3.5%?

The SWP cheers on those committed to minority, isolated actions such as blowing up pipelines, not those who stress programme, class politics and using elections to win majority support, writes Eddie Ford

History and anti-history

Still like an academic conference, but at least there is more politics today. Mike Macnair reports from Chicago and the 2023 convention of the Platypus Affiliated Society

Reinforcing state control

There is a close link between a hegemon’s diminishing role and that of the media, argues Daniel Lazare

Back to the old sod

Carefully scripted and tightly choreographed, Biden’s Irish visit was really about November 2024. Kevin Bean looks at the electoral politics of ‘Oirishness’

Online Communist Forum

Jack Conrad: 'Climate catastrophe and how to prevent it'

Ex-shah’s nonentity son

Twenty years after the Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq, this catastrophe is still a potent factor in the politics of Iran. And yet, as Yassamine Mather reports, there are still those exiles who hanker after a repeat

Step on the gas

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