WW archive > Issue 1413 - 06 October 2022

Cornered, bellicose and dangerous

The lady was for turning after all, writes Eddie Ford, and the Tories are now in a state of open civil war, facing a crushing electoral defeat. So will Liz Truss play the Ukraine war card?


Back to 1970s; Lefty monarchy; Stand by Iran; Razzmatazz; Parasites; Strasserites; Two sides

For whom the bell tolls

The mini-budget fiasco and the humiliation of Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng holds sobering lessons for the national socialist left, argues Paul Demarty

Sir Keir’s good week

The left is disorientated, in denial and still suffering from an orchestrated campaign of suspensions and expulsions. Kevin Bean calls for reviving Labour Against the Witchhunt and some serious rethinking

Weighing the evidence

After eliminating the improbable, Daniel Lazare points a finger of blame at the probable culprit

Another common sense is possible

Ukraine, Nord Stream, the nuclear war danger, US China strategy, Tory unravelling and a record Labour opinion lead. Gaby Rubin reports

Atlanticist post-fascist

Giorgia Meloni will continue to align with the US-Anglosphere. However, argues Maciej Zurowski, the umbilical cord joining her with fascism remains

Beware of concerned neocons

Workers, teachers, students, school students, need solidarity from below, argues Yassamine Mather

Not too bad

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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