WW archive > Issue 1402 - 07 July 2022

Going, going, gone

Britain will soon have a new Tory prime minister, writes Paul Demarty. Meanwhile, Sir Keir is copying Sir Tony and his triangulation strategy, while the left is whispering about yet another broad party


Not Stalinist?; Gotha success; To be clear; Bullshit jobs; Rabbi on the road

Westminster vs Holyrood

James Harvey considers the SNP’s call for a second independence referendum and asks how the left should respond

Flippy and ghost work

Automation sees low-skilled workers replaced, but there are many unintended consequences. Only the replacement of the profit motive would allow automation to deliver real human benefits, argues Michael Roberts

Take it back from them

As everyone knows, Pride began as a radical protest march, but has long been taken over by big business. Eddie Ford warns against the logic of sectionalism

Schism in Five Star

Toby Abse examines the murky, self-serving reasons behind the latest split in a party once touted as rebels against the hated political caste

Game of fortunes

Erdoğan is trying to divert attention from his shambolic handling of the economy by picking all manner of foreign fights. Esen Uslu reports

Looking to the right

Andrew Byrne reports on the impressions of the target audience and the centre-stage given to Gilbert Achcar and Jeremy Corbyn

Cliffism to ministerialism

The SWP’s comrades in Ireland are dreaming of joining a ‘broad alliance’ capitalist government led by Mary Lou McDonald’s Sinn Féin. Why does Alex Callinicos so tamely acquiesce to what is a betrayal of elementary principle, asks Anne McShane

Yet another failure

Ibrahim Raisi’s government faces major challenges - not least the Doha talks over a possible nuclear deal. Yassamine Mather reports on the latest negotiations and the growing swell of internal economic protests

Big Meeting!

Linda Carr reports on the 2022 CPGB Summer Offensive

Good start

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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