WW archive > Issue 1396 - 19 May 2022

Spycops and our response

Much to the shock and outrage of the liberal left, industrial-scale police infiltration has once again been exposed. But, Mike Macnair argues, for the capitalist state this is normal behaviour


Defensive war; King Billy; Zero-sum game; A long wait; Suspended; Slanderers

Crypto unTethered

Speculation is inherent in capitalism, writes Michael Roberts. That is why we have seen the appearance of cryptocurrencies

Making anti-Zionism a crime

Government attacks on the NUS for ‘anti-Semitism’ are part and parcel of a much wider political offensive, writes Eddie Ford

Back to direct rule

Though Boris Johnson has every interest in promoting one clash with Brussels after another, now there is the war in Ukraine and the coming struggle with China. Kevin Bean puts arguments over the Northern Ireland protocol into their wider strategic context

Pissing on the parade

Paul Drummond explores, celebrates and urges on the hissing, the booing, the barracking, the loathing of HRH William Windsor and all he stands for by Liverpool fans

Single-issue failure

Clearing out Azovstal is a rare piece of good news for the Russian government, writes Paul Demarty, in what is a grim strategic picture

A bazaar mentality

Why is Erdoğan blocking Finland and Sweden from Nato membership? It is all about carpets and donkey dung, writes Esen Uslu

About-turn at the top

While Democrats stampede to back the war, writes Daniel Lazare, it is the Republican right which is now anti-war

Luxury amidst poverty

Soaring prices and shortages of basic foodstuffs have triggered anti-government protests and riots, reports Yassamine Mather

Don’t mention Jeremy

The NEC is now dominated by the right and arrogantly rides roughshod over rules not to its liking. Clive Dean of Labour Party Marxists ridicules the debilitating illusions of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy

Generosity test

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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