WW archive > Issue 1381 - 03 February 2022

Plucky little Kiev

Self-determination is not an absolute principle. We in the western left must train our main fire on our own warmongers, argues Paul Demarty


Crimean Anschluss; Hung parliament; Bogus charges; Support BDS

Remembering and forgetting

James Harvey surveys the Bloody Sunday commemorations, speeches, articles and the left’s none too glorious record

Dangling in mid-air

Biden’s whole social programme has fallen victim to the undemocratic Senate. Daniel Lazare warns that there is a distinct danger of a minority regime

Austerity socialists win

The victorious Socialist Party is putting all its hopes in the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Plan, says Michael Roberts, and has no intention of ending the country’s dependence on French and German capital. Not surprisingly the left coalition partners were hammered

Fuelling the cauldron

Esen Uslu reports on the short-termist cuts in interest rates and the resulting inflation and political turmoil

Instrument providing direction

There has been a much publicised inner-party struggle. Andries Stroper reports on the launch of the new draft programme of the Communist Platform in the Netherlands

Rightwing ‘Marxism’- a senile disorder

Michael Sommer’s 2014 essay 'Anti-Postone: or, Why Moishe Postone's Antisemitism Theory is Wrong, but Effective' has recently been translated into English by Maciej Zurowski (Cosmonaut Press 2021, Available on Amazon or in the Cosmonaut webstore). A more than useful contribution to the fightback against the ‘anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism’ big lie, which finds its most ‘sophisticated’ justification in the pseudo-Marxist writings of Moishe Postone. Here is the introduction provided by Mike Macnair

In the final round

Neither Russia nor China can afford to come to the rescue. Yassamine Mather shows that for Iran a great deal hangs on the results of the Vienna negotiations


Judy Carosian reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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