WW archive > Issue 138 - 11 April 1996

Howards’ cage for social decay

The home secretary plans to throw more of us in jail


Missing the point; Fantasy land?; State capitalism; Two views

NHS in terminal condition

Summer Offensive

Party notes

SLP election campaign scuppered

Bureaucratic manoeuvre overturns members’ decision

SWP shuns Scottish Socialist Alliance

Merseyside: all out on May Day

Socialism and the national question

Eamonn Mccann is a leading member of the Socialist Workers Movement (sister organisation of the SWP) in Ireland. He was a prominent supporter of the civil rights movement in Derry and his 'War and an Irish town' (1974) remains one of the best accounts of the period. He spoke to Mark Fischer recently

Their warning comes true

From 'The Workers’ Weekly', paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, April 9 1926

NUM strength and weakness

Communist pole of attraction

Bob Smith - For a Permanent Party Polemic Committee

Rapprochement, but for what?


News agency news

Communist press

Militant in Ireland

Ian Mahoney reviews 'Troubled Times - the national question in Ireland' by Peter Hadden (Herald Books, pp159, £5.99)

Idealist tendencies

Initial comments on the draft programme of the CPGB by Phil Sharpe of the Trotskyist Unity Group

Party deficit in Iran

Gerry Downing of Socialist Outlook debates the Iranian revolution following a meeting of the Brent Socialist Forum

The Fourth International Supporters Caucus

The Fisc operates as a secret faction inside the SLP. We defend their right to do so, but oppose their hypocritical witch-hunting of others. Below we reprint a large portion of the Fisc report to a recent meeting of the international Trotskyist grouping USFI

SUPPLEMENT: Essays on the general strike - Part III

From war to aborted general strike

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