WW archive > Issue 1368 - 21 October 2021

Common caste identity

Eddie Ford says that the killing of rightwing Tory MP David Amess reveals a lot about careerist politicians in general. And not only on the Labour right … there is the official and unofficial Labour ‘left’ too


Fairyland; Rt Hon Hypocrisy; No surprise; Another Assange?; Don’t miss it; China event

Approaching train wreck

With Donald Trump getting ready to run again in 2024, Joe Biden’s support has collapsed in opinion polls. Daniel Lazare explains why

Delusions of techno-fix

Today’s capitalist politicians are unlikely to agree, let alone implement, the measures needed to stop runaway climate change. Jack Conrad argues that the fundamental problem lies at the level of the system itself. Nonetheless, as shown by the Soviet Union, more than the mere abolition of capitalism is needed. The associated producers must take control

A long-established disorder?

Famous as a polemical target of ‘Leftwing’ communism, ironically Amadeo Bordiga claimed to agree with Lenin’s strategy for world revolution. David Broder investigates

Failing the Lenin test

A spooked leadership is attempting to silence its left critics, especially the rebel youth wing. The use of cadre names, defence of Stalin, advocacy of a popular militia and any public dissent have been outlawed. Paul Demarty reports on what could end up as a messy split

Unity without principle

It does not look like the Resist Movement has much of a future. Anti-sectarianism is a good thing, but not if it means fudging, refusing to take a stand and disparaging sharp argument. Gerald Wiley reports

Back to the past - again

James Harvey looks at the latest round in the Brexit saga and asks where it might all be heading

Do the necessary

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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