WW archive > Issue 1355 - 08 July 2021

Loyal foot soldiers

The CPGB-ML siding with George Galloway over voting for the Brexit Party laid the ground for founding the Workers Party of Britain in December 2019. But Lawrence Parker expects the romance to prove fleeting


Oil strike; Lost a rudder; Dictatorship; Strategic aim; Not so stupid?

Politics not as usual

After Batley and Spen, Derek James reports on debates over Labour’s prospects and amending our programme

A strange amalgam

In light of George Galloway’s strong showing in Batley and Spen, Paul Demarty asks if his new organisation has any kind of serious future

Grim warning from Canada

Heat domes and devastating fires are ominous portents of runaway global warming. Eddie Ford warns that the future looks bleak - unless the working class organises to replace capitalist class rule at the global level

Poverty of solidarity

The failure of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign to oppose Zionism and the Jewish supremacist nature of the Israeli state renders it politically incoherent, argues Tony Greenstein

Carrying the can

The liberal establishment wants us to believe that the ‘war on terror’ was all Donald Rumsfeld’s fault. Daniel Lazare begs to disagree

Accumulation of misery

The economy is in deep trouble. Poverty, inequality and personal debt are increasing. Esen Uslu urges the left to do more than blame Erdoğan’s hapless government

Mossad’s people

Yassamine Mather investigates the murky world of deep penetration, sabotage and assassination

Help us out

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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