WW archive > Issue 1349 - 27 May 2021


Lessons learned; Rewilding; Home-owners; Stop closure; Hegemonic

Diana and the demagogues

Why the furore over an ancient interview? Paul Demarty looks at the renewed attacks on the BBC

Where next after May 6?

Derek James reports on last weekend’s online meeting of CPGB and LPM comrades

Misusing the F-word

To effectively combat today’s far right we must begin by rejecting lazy analogies. Jack Conrad calls for clear historical thinking

End Zionist oppression

The latest murderous colonial onslaught, especially against those caged in Gaza, was driven by Netanyahu’s narrow personal interests. This is an edited version of the talk Moshé Machover gave to the May 23 Online Communist Forum

Putting profit first

After 30 years of privatisation, writes Vernon Price, it remains clear where the government’s priorities lie

Strategic rivalries remain

Daniel Lazare says ending tensions with Russia will take more than discarding opposition to Nord Stream 2

Printing next week

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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