WW archive > Issue 1348 - 20 May 2021


No evidence; Mixed economy; Class ‘defined’; Intangible

Protest halts deportation

Alastair Thomas celebrates the thwarting of the home office’s Immigration Enforcement goons in Glasgow

Assault on democracy

Trump’s cult of the personality is taking on Bonapartist traits. Rather than a fellow member, he plainly sees himself as a monarch, lording over the GOP while in temporary exile. Daniel Lazare reports

Marking 50 years

Founded by expelled PCI members, Il Manifesto has successfully outlived its rivals. Toby Abse praises the consistent anti-capitalism and pans the Maoist absurdities

Theatre of revolution

While the March on Rome was significant, writes David Broder, the active collaboration of the Italian ruling class with the fascists was central

Ulster unionism in crisis

Brexit, together with shifts in both population and political allegiances, means that something now has to give, reckons Derek James

Wages of tailism

Unlike others on the left, the SWP at least tries to draw lessons from the failure of Spain’s Podemos. The problem is, Paul Demarty explains, the lessons it draws are hopelessly wrong

Appeals of class society

We need to understand what makes the exploited actually defend the system that oppresses them, argues Foppe de Haan

Signs of decay

Yassamine Mather looks at Iran’s presidential hopefuls and what passes for their rival programmes

Printing soon

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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