WW archive > Issue 1346 - 06 May 2021


PCS merger?; Misunderstanding; 100 years; Anti-Shi’ism?; Strip her of CBE

Rent-seeking as mass murder

The row over vaccine patent waivers reveals the inhuman logic of intellectual property, argues Paul Demarty

Nobody is safe till everybody is safe

As the horrific situation in India proves, writes Eddie Ford, the pandemic is far from over

Coups, putsches and revolutions

Not only real, but counterfactual history too, can provide valuable political insights. Derek James reports on the Spring Communist University, held over the long bank holiday weekend of April 30-May 3

Coefficients and inequalities

The distribution of income reveals marked differences, but, as shown by Michael Roberts, it is wealth that is the real give-away

SUPPLEMENT: Before, during and after March

Ben Lewis explores the multiple causes behind what was a badly calculated bid to artificially induce revolution in Weimar Germany

SUPPLEMENT: Letting the facts speak for themselves

Otto Kilian, preface to ‘White terror in central Germany: the truth about the March battles - stenographic report of the proceedings of the Prussian state parliament’s investigative committee over October 27-28 1921’ (translator: Ben Lewis)


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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