WW archive > Issue 1328 - 17 December 2020


Abolish gender; Two quibbles; Lambeth walk; Dog whistles; Yuletide; Muslims to blame

Time for something different

How should the principled left respond to the Starmer witch-hunt? James Harvey of Labour Party Marxists points to an alternative which goes beyond the narrow limits of fight or flight

Rising tide of resistance

Oversubscribed and eager to fight. Clive Dean of Labour Party Marxists reports on a successful launch

Attack on right to report

Bernard Mattson investigates the charges against Julian Assange and finds them wanting

A guide for the perplexed

The country faces a systemic crisis. Daniel Lazare argues that ‘Repocratic’ politics inevitably leads to chaos

A curious case

Were the Bolsheviks under the leadership of Kamenev supporters of the Provisional Government and hostile to soviet power? Lars T Lih puts the story straight


Lev Kamenev in March-April 1917

Principle, not dogma

No one can discredit Marxism better than ‘Marxists’. Mike Macnair responds to criticisms from Gerry Downing and Levi Rafael

Friedman doctrine in 21st century

Monopolies are rule-makers and rule-breakers, but attempts to ensure free competition are utopian in the extreme, says Michael Roberts

Europe after Brexit

As the British and European powers continue haggling, Paul Demarty assesses the state of the EU

SCOTLAND SUPPLEMENT III - Separatism, federalism, centralism

Breaking apart existing states is not the road to socialism, but the road to defeat, writes Jack Conrad

Final issue

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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