WW archive > Issue 1327 - 10 December 2020


Pretty pathetic; Six Counties; Complies; New moves; Learned nothing; Best ever

Test, treat, isolate and support

Mohsen Shahmanesh examines the effectiveness, safety and likely take-up of the Covid vaccines

Let them be damned

Labour’s witch-hunters in the governance and legal unit should be treated with the contempt they deserve

Flight or fight?

A recent NEC vote shows that the official left is prepared to join in the witch-hunt, reports James Harvey of Labour Party Marxists

Just as we predicted

It is clear from Biden’s cabinet appointments that he will preside over totally incoherent policies, writes Daniel Lazare

Taste of things to come

While its moon ventures are clearly symbolic, writes Eddie Ford, China’s technological advances and the likely US response should not be underestimated

No apologia

Bernard Mattson reviews Victor Grossman's 'A socialist defector - from Harvard to Karl-Marx-Allee'

Getting out of the culture wars

The court decision against the Tavistock clinic has reignited the battle over trans rights. Paul Demarty looks at the confusion

SCOTLAND SUPPLEMENT II - A joint oppressor

Left nationalists are in thrall to a bogus history, argues Jack Conrad. Scotland was not subject to an English takeover with the 1707 Act of Union. Nor does Scotland suffer from English cultural imperialism

Boost my hopes

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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